Oct 19, 2018

Gravity Episode 193

Hello everyone, we continue this week with some new vocal tracks.  Remember to submit your requests for episode 200 to trancientny@gmail.com or DM on instagram or hashtag #Gravity200


Intoxicated (feat. Alina Renae) - Limelght

Wild Horses - Hazem Beltagui & Andara

Vendetta - Paul Ercossa

Gone - Karanda & Fisher

Winter - Bobina

Crush the Unseen - A.R.D.I. & Neev Kennedy


Oct 12, 2018

Gravity Episode 192

Welcome back for some more trance and progressive tunes! I have some new and classic tracks, happy listening!


Alchemy (feat. Zoë Johnston) - Above & Beyond

Going Home (Gareth Emery Radio Edit) [Armin van Buuren's Intro Mix] - Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt

Lost & Free - Elite Electronic & Lauren Ní Chasaide

No One Else - Drival & Amy Kirkpatrick

Anything Can Happen - Fatum & JES

Shadow in the Dark - Farhad Mahdavi & Jo Cartwright

Eye 2 Eye [Fsoe 350 Anthem] [feat. Sylvia Tosun] - Aly & Fila & Roger Shah

Hold On To Your Love (feat. Cindy Alma) - Andrew Rayel


Oct 5, 2018

Gravity Episode 191

We are just nine weeks away from episode 200 and I have received some great requests.  Please continue emailing your picks to trancientny@gmail.com.  Happy listening!


Tapestry of Us (feat. Jess Morgan) - Alan Morris & Enzo

Blue Sky Action (feat. Alex Vargas) [Meramek Remix] - Above & Beyond

Schopenhauer - Alexander Popov & Eximinds

Staccato - Matt Lange

Wired by the Fire - Sunset & Hanna Finsen

The Perfect Storm (Unbeat Remix) - Stargazers & Sue McLaren

Youtopia (feat. Adam Young) - Armin van Buuren


Sep 28, 2018

Gravity Episode 190

Summer is officially over here in the northern hemisphere as we have crossed the autmnal equinox this weekend.  Happy listening and stay positive!


Connection Through Sound (Nikolauss Remix) - Katty Heath

Memories (Ahmed Romel Radio Edit) [with Julia Lav] - Roman Messer & Mhammed El Alami

Just as You Are (feat. Fiora) - Armin van Buuren & Rising Star

These Silent Hearts (feat. BT) - Armin van Buuren

Redemption - Arisen Flame

Ghost - Frainbreeze

My All - Alex Leavon & Cynthia Hall

I Dissolve in You - Costa & Maria Nayler


Sep 21, 2018

Gravity Episode 189

Welcome back for some more new and classic tunes.  Episode 200 is only 11 weeks away and i'm excited for the upcoming milestone.  Please send your requests to trancientny@gmail.com for episode 200.  Enjoy this week's tunes!


Rebirth (Ahmed Romel Extended Remix) - Aly & Fila

Blah Blah Blah - Armin van Buuren

You Move Me - 4 Strings & Sarah Lynn

Letting Go - Delta-S & Kate Louise Smith

Satori Waterfalls - Ohmna

If You Stay - Aurosonic & Kate Miles


Sep 14, 2018

Gravity Episode 188

Hello everyone, enjoy this weeks tunes with some new and classic vocal tracks!


Serenaii (MVMB Remix) - Sun Control Species

Hold of You - Kaimo K

The Sound of Goodbye (Pedro Del Mar & Beatsole Remix) - Armin van Buuren & Perpetuous Dreamer

Even on a Long Day - Denise Rivera & Bluskay

When You Find Me (feat. Natune) [Proglift Mix] - Frainbreeze

I Am Your Shadow (feat. Shannon Hurley) [Heatbeat Radio Edit] - Giuseppe Ottaviani & Audiocells


Sep 7, 2018

Gravity Episode 187

Thanks for tuning in again.  This week new tracks from the likes of Sue McClaren and Raz Nitzan.


Beyond Time - Raz Nitzan & Ellie Lawson

Winter - Bobina

Unbroken - Sue McLaren

Popcorn - Armin van Buuren & Alexander Popov

Ricochet (Terra Ferma Remix) - Art of Trance

Conviction - Willem de Roo


Aug 31, 2018

Gravity Episode 186

Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming labor day weekend and unofficial end of summer...remember, end of summer doesn't mean end of great new tunes.  This episode I have some new tracks from Aly & Fila, Susana and Dirkie Coetzee. Happy Listening!


Rebirth (Ahmed Romel Remix) - Aly & Fila

Astraeus (Extended Mix) - Dirkie Coetzee

Now I Can Breathe Again (feat. Lucy Pullin) - Simon Patterson

The Last Dancer - Armin van Buuren & Shapov

My Reflection (feat. Emma Hewitt) - Andrew Rayel

A Million Memories - Susana

Tacadum - Andrew Rayel


Aug 25, 2018

Gravity Episode 185

Welcome back, I have some new music for you by Ana Criado, Ilan Bluestone and D-Mad featured in this episode.


Crossfire (Extended Mix) - Gaia

Don't Be a Prisoner - D-Mad

Frozen River - Ana Criado, Steve Allen & Solis & Sean Truby

Will We Remain? (feat. EL Waves) [Spencer Brown Remix] - Ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi

Journey Inside Yourself - Metronome

City of Oran (Radio Mix) - Driftmoon


Aug 16, 2018

Gravity Episode 184

Thank you for tuning in...I dedicate this episode to my grandmother whom recently passed on and I thank her for the wonderful memories she left for me...



In My Mind (feat. Karim Youssef & May Hassan) - Aly & Fila

Sink the Lighthouse (feat. Alex Vargas) - Above & Beyond

A Tear in the Open - Tiësto

Power of Elements - Andrew Rayel

Response - Alexander Popov

I Am Strong (feat. Priscilla Ahn) - Tiësto

Musa (Radio Edit) - Andrew Rayel



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