Apr 28, 2018

Gravity Episode 171

Thanks for tuning in!  Check out the live recording of this episode on instagram @trancientny only availabe for the next 24 hours...happy listening!


Euphoria (Radio Edit) - Eximinds

Cathedrals of Hope (Original Mix) - Airwave

The Future - David Gravell

The Last Dancer - Armin van Buuren & Shapov

The Queen (Radio Edit) - WaCh

Bergen - Purple Haze

Bethlehem (Extended Mix) - Nianaro


Apr 20, 2018

Gravity Episode 170

May is around the corner and summer is near!  Enjoy this week's tunes including new music from Khoma!


Echoes (Angelica S Presents) - Other Side

Response - Alexander Popov

Altostratus - Hamzeh

Tierra - KhoMha

Missing - Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt

The Last Dancer - Armin van Buuren & Shapov

Orbit (Extended Mix) - Hamzeh

Vampire - Sied van Riel


Apr 15, 2018

Gravity Episode 169

Thanks for tuning in for another episode.  This week we have new music from Above & Beyond, Fatum and Sied van Riel.  Enjoy!


You Are - Armin van Buuren & Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Violet - Fatum

Alright Now - Above & Beyond Feat. Justine Suissa

Mash Up - Meet Her In Miami (Gareth Emery) vs The Creator (Khoma)

Hold Me Close - Sied van Riel & Natalie Gioia

Tightrope - Above & Beyond Feat. Marty Longstaff


Apr 6, 2018

Gravity Episode 168

Welcome back!  This week we will slow the tempo down a bit with some new music from Above & Beyond...it's important to stop and smell the roses in a fast paced world.  Also featuring new music from A.R.D.I. guaranteed to give you goosebumps...Happy Listening!


I'm in Love (feat. Natune) - Frainbreeze

Lost Soul (feat. Christina Novelli) [R.I.B Chillout Remix] - Roman Messer & NoMosk

Sahara - Above & Beyond Feat. Zoë Johnston

Cold Feet - Above & Beyond Feat. Justine Suissa

Army of Angels (Extended Mix) - A.R.D.I.


Mar 30, 2018

Gravity Episode 167

Spring is in the air, last of the nor'easters', music festival season has begun...enjoy the mix!  Remember to follow on instagram @trancientny and email your requests to trancientny@gmail.com  Happy Listening!


Is It Love? (1001) - Above & Beyond

Moment (Extended Mix) - Alexander Chekomasov

Dystopia (Extended Mix) - Attila Syah

Naked - Above & Beyond Feat. Justine Suissa

I Am Now - Bogdan Vix & Lucid Blue


Mar 24, 2018

Gravity Episode 166

Welcome back for another journey into trance and progressive...this weekend kicks off the beginning of music festivals with Ultra in miami... check out you tube for sets from your favorite dj's.



Northern Soul - Above & Beyond Feat. Richard Bedford

The Last Dancer - Armin van Buuren & Shapov

Happiness Amplified - Above & Beyond Feat. Richard Bedford

Closer (feat. Eric Lumiere) [Yuri Kane Remix] - Roman Messer

Devotion - Farzin & Milad E


Mar 4, 2018

Gravity Episode 165

Welcome back for another journey into trance and progressive.  This week new tunes by Above & Beyond, Hamzeh, Ahmed Helmy and many more!  Happy listening!


My Own Hymn - Above & Beyond Feat. Zoë Johnston

Altostratus - Hamzeh

Did We Feel (Frainbreeze Progressive Mix) - Feel & Alexandra Badoi

I'll Be Your Angel (feat. Natalie Gioia) - Eximinds

TORJAN (Extended Mix) - Ahmed Helmy

Save Me (feat. Robin Vane) - Alpha Force & Mike Van Fabio


Feb 24, 2018

Gravity Episode 164

Thanks for tuning in!  New songs this week by Alexander Popov and Gaia.  Happy listening!!!




Crossfire (Extended Mix) - Gaia

Don't Give Up (feat. Cari) - Roman Messer & Denis Sender

Betelgeuse - Spaceptima

Response - Alexander Popov

Polaris (Extended Mix) - Elite Electronic & John Swanson

Paper Boats (feat. Maria Milewska) [Extended Mix] - Papulin


Feb 10, 2018

Gravity Episode 163

Thanks for tuning in to another episode.  I have some fresh new psychadelic tracks for you, happy listening!



The Collective - Phaxe & Morten Granau

I'll Be There (feat. Angel Falls) [Denis Airwave Remix] - Frainbreeze

Orbit (Extended Mix) - Hamzeh

Journey Inside Yourself - Metronome

For You (feat. Clare Stagg) [Frainbreeze Extended Remix] - Roman Messer


Feb 3, 2018

Gravity Episode 162

Thank you for tuning in!  This week new tracks by Other Side, Driftmoon and Cubetonic.  Happy Listening!


Echoes (Angelica S Presents) - Other Side

So Strong (feat. Dilara Gadel) - CubeTonic

Caldera (Farzam Remix) - Raytheon

City of Oran (Radio Mix) - Driftmoon


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